Sno-limo I was injured on this contraption in Whistler BC

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On January 18, 2008 I was injured on the Sno-limo. This is a contraption where you sit in a sort-of chair attached to skies. A skier or limo-driver takes you on a ski adventure. It is touted as the adventure for people who cannot ski but want the thrill of seeing the mountains.

They strapped me into the chair, made all the necessary adjustments. Within 60 seconds after take-off we were running backward out-of-contol down the hill. The ski-limo tipped over and I received multiple soft-tissue injuries.

At the medical center I was treated with courtesy and respect. Because I am not Canadian I had to pay 1200 dollars US using credit card or cash. I'm not complaining about that. The accident used up just about our entire vacation budget. I could barely move for our entire trip.

The Sno-limo company was rude and non communicative the entire time I was in Canada. I signed a waiver before I left on this catastrophic trip so I had no legal recourse, not that I need to start a lawsuit. Who needs the negativity? A small amount of concern, care and courtesy would have been helpful.

I would advise you not to use this Sno-limo but to use your time to see Shannon falls or visit the Bald Eagles in Squamish. Sno-limo from my perspective is dangerous and not ready for prime-time.

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